Refund and Warranty Policy

1) Refunds/Returns/exchanged are accepted only for incorrect items shipped by us. You are responsible to contact us within 48 Hours from receiving your incorrect items

2) You are responsible to return us the incorrect goods with invoice within 3 working days. Returns of incorrect items should be remained unsealed

3) We will warranty components that are under local-claimed manufacturer warranty in your system during the limited warranty period.

4) We will never charge you for labour support for that under warranty period for desktop components.

5) For the first 30 days after invoice(s) been issued and your desktop happens to be a problem with any components, we will offer 1 for 1 exchange & we will cover one-way shipping within Peninsular Malaysia only.

6) Buyer / Purchaser must present receipt for warranty purposes. CL Smart Enterprise Holds to The Right to Reject Any Claim Without the Presence of Purchase Receipt.

7)Warranty on all Products Sold Is Considered Null and Void Under Any One of The Following Conditions:

  1. Warranty Claim Do Not Come with Original Proof of Purchase/Receipt.
    b. Warranty Seal/Sticker Is Tear, Broken or Tempered.
    c. Misuse, Mishandling, Natural Disaster or Unauthorized Disassembly.
    d. Burn Mark or Any Physical Defect/Damage Caused by End User or During Deliver / Postage / Courier.
    e. Modification, Personal Repair or Excessive Over Clocking Resulting Malfunction.

Defective merchandise will be replaced with a like item, upon return of the defective merchandise. We are not responsible for any damages caused by either internal or external equipment, shorted connections or components not installed by or purchased from G-Comp. We are not responsible for damages to any components or loss of any data inadvertently caused by products, under normal or abnormal use, including those purchased from G-Comp. We will not replace, repair or refund any purchase if an item’s serial number does not match what was originally sold. There are absolutely no refunds for custom work. Limited warranty does not cover damages or defects cause by:  improper installation, misuse, modifications, unauthorized repair, adjustments, or excessive electrical power. All merchandise that send in for services/inspection are at YOUR OWN RISK.